Claire Felix


Born in Geneva in 1974, Claire studied film, photography and painting at Art School. After several years of practice in these fields as a producer for artists, she made a decisive personal shift by training in the direct path of Tibetan tantra, specializing in the deep energetic understanding of couples, from conception to birth. After the birth of her son, she worked for several years as a doula (birth facilitator) and practiced ACP-Focusing, a body-psychotherapy approach based on empathic listening combined to bodily sensations exploration.

Her discovery of non-ordinary states of consciousness through various shamanic traditions has opened up a vast and inspiring field of experimentation that continues to grow richer every day.

Holotropic Breathing came to consecrate her passion for healing processes, transitions and transformations.

She has a particular fondness for the wilderness and free contact with animal life.

Particularly passionate about horses, she practices animal communication and an ethological approach to horse riding, including the basics of equine therapy in a natural environment, as a tool for integrating all types of transpersonal therapy.

She has been practicing holotropic breathwork since 2018, facilitating holotropic breathwork workshops and GTT modules in Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

Certified by the GTT in early 2023, she is currently organizing workshops near Geneva (Switzerland) and in France.

Claire Felix

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