Nov 01, 2019

Daniela Bonelli Bassano

Residential weekend with Holotropic Breathwork in Italy : Theory and Practice

In this workshop we will experiment two sessions of Holotropic Breathwork - one as breather and one as sitter - and, on Friday evening, we will have the opportunity to have an introduction of its theoretical paradigm. On Sunday morning we will devote space and time to integrate individual experiences with different expressive techniques and a practice of meditation, in a shared context of trust and respect.

HOLOTROPIC BREATHWORK offers a great opportunity to open ourselves trustfully to what we happen to encounter and live, reconnecting with the wisdom of our inner healer and its transformative power. Beyond ourselves towards the great mysterious unknown.

Ólos Trépein, moving towards the whole. This is the main goal in the intention of Stan and Cristina Grof, creators of this healing technique, extraordinarily efficacious in those critical moments of life in which we have an urgent need to find and orient ourselves.

This experience is open to those who are new to HB, to expert breathers and to anyone seeking his way.


The workshop will be held in English and in Italian, depending on the needs of the participants.

The kitchen offers italian-vegetarian food and tries to fullfill any special diet requests.


Friday 17.30 : Registration – 20.30 pm: Introduction, Theory

Saturday Two session of Holotropic Breathwork

Sunday Sharing and integration. 12.30 Closing circle.





    Marc B.Aixalà

    Teacher and Facilitator

    Marc Aixalà is a Telecommunication Engineer, a Licensed Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist with post degree studies in Integrative Psychotherapy, and Strategic Therapy, and is trained in the ther...

    Alessandro Pacco

    Facilitator and Organiser

    Bioenergetic and etno-clinical psychotherapist, GTT certified facilitator, workshops organizer.

    Daniela Bonelli Bassano

    Facilitator and Organiser

    Daniela Bonelli Bassano, Jungian-oriented psychoanalyst,  GdS therapist,  LAI member

    ( Apprentice: Laura Girelli)



    260 Euros, all inclusive: workshop, accomodation, full board and coffe breaks.





    Via Pratolungo, 47, Pratolungo Italy, 28028

    Centro d’Ompio ( is situated on a lovely terrace in northern Italy (70 km from the Swiss-Italian border), with a generous and spacious park, gardens and old chestnut trees, covering an area of 100'000 square meters, with a gorgeous view on Lake Orta with its little and mysterious S.Giulio Island.

    The noticeable energy of nature, the mild climate and the quit provide an ideal environment for people who want to open themselves to personal growth and spiritual experience.


    Travel Details

    For all the details to get to Centro d'Ompio please look at the following  link:



    Payment Details

    The registration will be effective upon receipt of  bank transfer of 50 Euros, as deposit, to the following bank account:

    Associazione Culturale OMPIO

    Banca Popolare Novara – Banco BPM

    IBAN - IT37S 0503 4451 2000 000 000 1366


    (please write: Name, Surname, Holotropic Breathwork Workshop NOVEMBER 2019).

    The rest of payment on cash at the registration.



      Cancellation Policy

      A charge of 50 Euros for administrative costs will be made on cancellation.


      Information and Registration