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Bioenergetic and etno-clinical psychotherapist, GTT certified facilitator, workshops organizer.

Alessandro Pacco

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GTT Module - "Trauma Trasformazione" - "Trauma Transformation" Assisi Italy - 5th-10th May 2025 with Sonja Busch

2025-05-05 00:00:00

Trauma is the Greek word for wound, a wounding. We all have woundings; from birth to death, and even before birth. These can be demanding in their intensity, in their impact on us, and in our relationship with ourselves, others, and our environment. The module will focus on the impact of trauma on physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.  We will explore holotropic strategies that can be beneficial in working with these challenging issues. Our approach will be a mixture of theory and experiential practices. Each participant will experience two Holotropic Breathwork sessions as a “breather” and two as a “sitter." Drawing on our personal experience, we will also engage in creative exercises with art materials, writing and movement. Topics and questions we dive into will include: - How the Holotropic Paradigm and the work in expanded states of consciousness is beneficial in integrating and transforming trauma - The trauma process - when to focus on what? - The use of survival strategies and ego defense mechanisms; their effectiveness and limitation - The power of Presence - Understanding Grof's perinatal and transpersonal levels of our being; and the impact of generational links as part of the transpersona This module will not only be useful in our own journey towards wholeness, but will enhance our ability to be present with others - as companions, therapists and facilitators as they work with their own trauma.


GTT Module - "Spiritual Emergency" - Assisi Italy - 24th-29th November 2025

2025-11-24 00:00:00

Healing and transformation can sometimes imply challenging moments in which we feel destabilized, particularly when following a path that involves experiences in Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness. These moments of crises have been understood as psychosis or psychological regression by some and as opportunities and major breakthroughs by others. Stan and Christina Grof coined the term "Spiritual Emergency" to refer to such states. What is the difference between psychosis and a Spiritual Emergency? How should we support people going through them? In this module, we will explore the different challenging manifestations that people sometimes go through in their journeys of transformation. We aim to understand the reasons that lead to such difficulties and identify the best approaches to support these intense processes from a non-judgmental and caring perspective. In this module, we will cover the following topics: 1) The concept of Spiritual Emergence and Spiritual Emergency. 2) The various types of Spiritual Emergencies as described by Stan and Christina Grof. 3) Contemporary perspectives on Spiritual Emergencies, as encountered in current forms of psychedelic therapy, shamanic experiences, and experiential work. 4) Diverse challenges that individuals may face after difficult experiences in Non-Ordinary States 5)Distinguishing between pathological and transformational states. 6) Approaches to addressing different scenarios in Spiritual Emergencies and integration