Marc B.Aixalà


Telecommunication Engineer and Psychologist. Post degree studies in Integrative Psychotherapy and Strategic Therapy.

Trained in the therapeutic use of Non Ordinary States of Consciousness. Trained in MDMA assisted-psychotherapy for PTSD by MAPS. Has been a Team Leader and Trainer in emergency psychological assistance teams at Boom Festival (Kosmicare 2010-2016).

Collaborates with ICEERS by offering integration psychotherapy session for people in challenging situations after experiences in non ordinary states of consciousness.

Has facilitated workshops in Barcelona, Switzerland, Romania, Israel and Slovenia. Works as a psychologist in Barcelona and is doing research into the therapeutic applications of Holotropic Breathwork.

Practices yoga and aikido yoshinkan.

Member of Grof Transpersonal Training Staff.

Marc B.Aixalà

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Double Holotropic Breathwork workshop 17.-20.10. with Marc Aixala

2019-10-17 00:00:00

This residential workshop is ideal for deep inner work. It is held in Tietoisuuden Tila -retreat center in Kemiö-island, surrounded by beautiful nature of archipelago. Both Friday and Saturday there will be two breathing sessions, so there is plenty of time and space to dive deep. Accommodation and tasty vegetarian food is included in the workshop, so you can surrender to your inner process with your whole being and devote this long weekend for your well-being.



2019-11-01 00:00:00

In this workshop we will experiment two sessions of Holotropic Breathwork –one as breather and one as sitter and, on Friday evening, we will have the opportunity to have an introduction of its theoretical paradigm. On Sunday morning we will devote space and time to integrate individual experiences with different expressive techniques and a practice of meditation, in a shared context of trust and respect. HOLOTROPIC BREATHWORK offers a great opportunity to open ourselves trustfully to what we happen to encounter and live, reconnecting with the wisdom of our inner healer and its transformative power. Beyond ourselves towards the great mysterious unknown. Ólos Trépein, moving towards the whole. This is the main goal in the intention of Stan and Cristina Grof, creators of this technique, extraordinarily efficacious in those critical moments of life in which we have an urgent need to find and orient ourselves. This experience is open to those who are new to HB, to expert breathers and to anyone seeking his way. The workshop will be held in English and in Italian, depending on the needs of the participants.



Barcelona Spain