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Ahom Vienna 1.5 days 10th-11th Mai 2024

May 10, 2024

Past event

Holotropic Breathwork, Holotropes Atmen Wien Mai 2024


THE VIEW FROM WITHIN, 1,5 Days Club Workshop

Oct 08, 2023

Past event

Taste the Essence of Holotropic Breathwork® in a compact format in the art context of the urban music club rhiz Vienna.


CHAOS AND ORDER: Holotropic Breathwork and Zen, Hohe Wand, Austria, September 19th - 24th

Sep 19, 2023

Past event

Experience the transformative powers of your Inner Healer in the "CHAOS AND ORDER: Holotropic Breathwork and Zen" workshop in Austria. Embark on a profound journey to discover your true self through combining Holotropic Breathwork and Zazen practices. Join us for five days of self-exploration, personal growth, and inner transformation—no prior experience is required.


Peter Rantaša


Ybbsstrasse 23/28 Wien Wien Austria