Sep 19, 2023

CHAOS AND ORDER: Holotropic Breathwork® and Zen

BergZendo Hohe Wand, Austria

19. - 24. September 2023

This five-day retreat offers a unique opportunity for inner work and self-exploration to discover your true self through combining two powerful practices: Four sessions of Holotropic Breathwork® are combined with Zen Meditation practice.

During the workshop, you can explore the depths of your psyche using Holotropic Breathwork®, a technique developed by Dr. Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof and carried on by Tav Sparks and numerous facilitators worldwide. This well-defined protocol uses breathing, assistive bodywork, and evocative music in a group setting to access deeper states of awareness and consciousness. The safe space encourages participants to surrender to their process and the guidance of their inner healer to explore their inner world. 

The Holotropic Breathwork® experience is complemented by traditional Zazen for integration each morning and evening. This simple yet profound form of meditation has been practiced for centuries in Zen Buddhism to cultivate self-awareness, peace, and presence. The practice involves sitting upright and focusing on the breath, alternating with indoors and outdoors Kinhin, a form of walking meditation, chanting, and dharma talks. Participants will learn posture, breathing, and how to sit, let go of distracting thoughts and emotions, and have the possibility for individual consultations with the teacher. 

This approximate module/sesshin-length retreat offers a nurturing and supportive environment for anyone seeking personal growth and transformation. It includes four breathwork sessions, experienced two times as a breather and two times as a sitter by each participant, alternating with Zen Meditation. Whether you are dealing with past traumas, seeking greater self-awareness, or looking to deepen your spiritual practice, this workshop may help you on your journey to overcome blockades and build a practice for integration.

The workshop will take place at Bodhidarma BergZendo Hohe Wand, a peaceful and serene location with beautiful views in an old mountain inn above the cliff of Hohe Wand, a nature park near Vienna. 
The Zazen practice is led by the abbot of the BergZendo, Seigaku Kigen Oshō, an experienced Zen practitioner and teacher in the lineage of Tathagata Zen in the Rinzai tradition, ordained in 1991. Kigen Oshō has studied in Zen monasteries in Japan, Europe, and the United States. The Holotropic Breathwork® is guided by certified, experienced facilitators and psychotherapists

No previous experience in Holotropic Breathwork® or Zen is necessary. Languages will be German, Slovenian, and English.


14:00 Registration

14:30 Introduction to Zen meditation

17:00 Introduction to Holotropic Breathwork

18:00 Dinner

19:30 Opening Circle

21:15 Zazen (optional)

Wednesday - Saturday

07:00 Zazen (optional)

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Chanting, Zazen, Kinhin, Dharma Talk, Taiwa

12:15 Lunch

14:00 Breathwork

18:00 Dinner

19:00 Sharing Circle

20:30 Zazen


07:00 Zazen (optional)

08:00 Breakfast

09:30 Integration and Closing Circle

12:30 Lunch

14:00 End

Please fill out the linked registration and medical form
If you have any questions, please send us an E-Mail to

GTT Staff

Mojca Studen

Facilitator and Organiser

Mojca first graduated from the Faculty of Physics, and from the School of Fine Arts - Sculpturing at the same time. From the beginning of her high school years, she was interested in the boundarie...


Peter Rantaša

Facilitator and Organiser

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Am Almfrieden 87, Hohe Wand Österreich, 2724

Am Almfrieden 87, Hohe Wand Österreich, 2724


Investment € 440,- /€ 400,- if paid before August 1st 2023. Your reservation is confirmed after full payment of the workshop cost. 

If you feel strongly drawn to this workshop but are in a situation where financial constraints make it impossible to participate, please contact us via email. We will contact you by phone and try to find a solution together.

Accommodation in double rooms is € 325,- per person, including full-board (vegetarian), coffee breaks, snacks, and fruits, and the membership fee for the BergZendo. Payment for accomoditaion is made in cash on site.

Additional Dana for the Zen teacher is welcome.


The cancellation fee is € 70,- any time you cancel the workshop.

If you cancel the workshop within 15 days before the starting date, the whole workshop amount will not be refunded. Still, after deducting the € 70,- cancellation fee, the rest could be applied to any other workshop during the following four years.

If you cancel the workshop more than 15 days in advance, the total amount (minus the 70 Euro cancellation fee) will be refunded.

In case of cancellation of the workshop, we will refund you the full registration fee.