Mojca Studen


Mojca's primary education is in physics, but later she switched and was trained in transpersonal and systemic psychotherapy, mindfulness,  hypnotherapy, medical hypnotherapy, Holotropic Breathwork, EMDR, and TRE.

She is involved in Holotropic Breathwork since 2005 and is organizing workshops since 2010. 

As Holotropic Breathwork practitioner and transpersonal hypnotherapist she firmly believes in Inner Healer – the capability of the psyche of each individual to heal itself, just as the body of every one of us has the healing power. Where does the body end and the psyche begins, anyway? These are just two concepts of our mind, in reality, the two are intertwined connected, interdependent, cooperating... as also HB is proving again and again...



Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHt)

Holotropic Breathwork practitioner

EMDR practitioner, level II

Trauma and Stress Releasing practitioner

Key Method practitioner

Zen meditation, mindfulness

Mojca Studen

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2020-03-08 00:00:00

f one has compassion for self, the natural consequence is to have compassion for others. Many of us have a core imprint that “I am not safe, and I can’t trust”. The challenge for us to trust and connect with our deepest selves greatly impacts on our ability to trust and connect with others. This makes it difficult for us to risk reaching out when we need support. A daily practice of mindfulness and compassion for self and others is a crucial step towards healing traumas that make it so hard for us to trust and feel safe. In this module we will explore: a variety of simple daily practices, which can transform our relationship to ourselves; the exciting scientific research of Kristin Neff and Paul Gilbert, which connects neurobiology with our ability to be nurtured; practices of self-compassion that help to shift our neurobiological pathways and heal our instinctual response, changing it from “I don’t trust” to “I can trust and feel safe”; how self- compassion can deepen our ability to support others. Furthermore, we will experience the healing powers of expanded states of consciousness in 4 Holotropic Breathwork sessions (2 as a breather and 2 as a sitter). To participate you don't need any previous experience with Holotropic Breathwork. If you feel drawn, you are welcome!