Mojca Studen


Mjca's primary education is in physics, but later she switched and was trained in mindfulness,  hypnotherapy, medical hypnotherapy, Holotropic Breathwork, EMDR and TRE. She finished systemic psychotherapeutic education.

She is involved in Holotropic Breathwork since 2005 and is organazing workshops since 2010. 

As Holotropic Breathwork practitioner and transpersonal hypnotherapist she firmly believe in Inner Healer – the capability of the psyche of each individual to heal itself, just as the body of everyone of us has the healing power. Where does the body end and the psyche begins, anyway? These are just two concepts of our mind, in reality the two are intertwined connected, interdependent, cooperating... as also HB is proving again and again.

Mojca Studen

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Holotropic Breathwork Day Vienna / Holotropes Atmen Wien, 2 - 3 August 2019

2019-08-02 00:00:00

Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen.... Holotropic Breathwork This 1.5-day Holotropic Breathwork workshop allows for self-healing and self-exploration as well as accessing the roots of emotional and psychosomatic challenges one might face. During this workshop two breathwork sessions (one as a breather and one as a sitter) will allow you in a very safe setting to access expanded states of consciousness, in which your own wisdom connects with your inner healing and inner transforming power. This healing wisdom guides the experiences towards those aspects which carry a charge, and are ready to be processed or integrated. Holotropic Breathwork might be of interest...