Paul McCormack


Paul Mc Cormack is an accredited Psychotherapist who has been working in the field of Addiction and Dependency for over 30 years, in addition to being a Holotropic Breathwork certified facilitator.

Paul's professional experience ranges across his individual counselling and psychotherapy practise to having worked in a number of Rehabilitation Centres and Outreach community clinics plus Paul has also been a facilitator on a variety of aftercare programmes.

Whilst fully endorsing a Harm Reduction approach to the treatment of chronic dependencies and acknowledging the threshold to total abstinence may be too high for some individuals, Paul is a big fan of the self help 12 step communities be they AA, NA, GA, Al-ANon, ACOA and the support and personal development program they offer.

Paul also has a keen interest in the healing potential of Non Ordinary States of Consciousness and their relationship to potential successful outcomes for the management of chronic dependency.


Dip ACP, Dip Sa, Dip AC (Trinity College, Dublin)

Dip Gestalt (Dublin Gestalt Centre)

Dip Jungian Psychotherapy (CG Jung Centre)

Dip SE, Dip MP, Dip PM (BIFE, Bray)

GTT Facilitator Certification

Trained in shamanic practise

Paul McCormack

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Holotropic Breathwork weekend in Berlin - April 26-28

2024-04-26 00:00:00

Since the beginning of dawn mankind used non ordinary states of consciousness to explore the Self. The Holotropic Breathwork weekend offers a safe container to explore such states. The inner landscape of being can be discovered through the use of music and breath, bigger meanings of life can be understood and deep transformation can be experienced.


THE SPIRITUAL QUEST, ATTACHMENT, AND ADDICTION - GTT Module, 30 June -5 Juli 2024 - led by Paul Mc.Cormack

2024-06-30 00:00:00

New ways to look at psychology and spirituality are offering exciting possibilities in the recovery movement, both for individual seekers and for those who work in the treatment field. This module explores a whole continuum, from the idea of addiction as an extreme form of attachment, which affects everyone and which is crucial to spiritual seekers of all practices, to the more articulate forms of addiction: substance, process, relationship, and more. Through theory, discussion and experiential exercises, we’ll look at: The disease paradigm of recovery; The wellness paradigm and the transpersonal recovery centre; Implications of perinatal...



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