Nov 17, 2023

1,5 day workshop in Zagreb

Friday evening & Saturday

Workshop is non residential, so if you are coming from out of Zagreb, we will help you sort out the accommodation.

We invite you to join us for a transformative and healing journey in a small group in a cosy space near the city center, easily accessible with public transport.


Friday 17 -21 Registration, Introduction, Opening circle

Saturday 08 - 21  Two Breathwork sessions, Sharing and Integration

GTT Staff


Tina Meic

Facilitator and Organiser

Tina had a career in the business world when she got introduced to Holotropic Breathwork and started the training in 2009. Grateful for her own transformation and recognition of inner wisdom, she...


Maksimirska 54, Zagreb Croatia,

Maksimirska 54, Zagreb Croatia,


220 Eur - workshop price is including hot meal on Saturday

20 Eur deposit for registration - non refundable