Tina Meic


Tina had a career in the business world when she got introduced to Holotropic Breathwork and started the training in 2009. Grateful for her own transformation and recognition of inner wisdom, she is committed to being in service to the community as a facilitator and workshop organizer since 2010.

She has grown ever since in many workshops and modules around Europe. Besides that, she is  a certified birth doula, supporting couples who decide to have a home birth. Together with her partner she has been learning and sharing about ancient traditional healing practices for a decade.

Her biggest teacher is her 4year old daughter.

Tina Meic

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Secrets of Psychedelic Integration 4 day intensive with double breathwork

2023-06-22 00:00:00

This event is for you if • You are interested in transpersonal psychology and psychedelic therapy • You have previous psychedelic/non-ordinary state of consciousness experience that you need to integrate • You work with people who could use help integrating their experiences • You haven’t found effective therapy for yourself and want to explore the potentials of expanded states of consciousness • You are a psychonaut looking for a deep and insightful self-exploration experience



Zagreb Croatia