Nov 25, 2022

Back to the Body weekend retreat with Holotropic Breathwork and Sweatlodge

Jastrebarsko, Croatia 

We believe the combination of Holotropic Breathowork and Sweatlodge ritual can provide a unique experience of reconnecting with our body and our inner healing wisdom.

GTT Staff


Tina Meic

Facilitator and Organiser

Tina had a career in the business world when she got introduced to Holotropic breathwork and started the training. Grateful for her own transformation and recognition of inner wisdom, she committ...

Balázs Rákóczi

Facilitator and Organiser

After obtaining his masters degree in psychology he started his career on the field of neurorehabilitation. Currently he works on the field of organisational development and project management develop...

Tom Baksa


Tom, born 1980 in Croatia, is a certified GTT facilitator. He studied IT and business - the field in which he actively works today (as a consultant and owner of small private business). His deeper i...


, Jastrebarsko Croatia,

, Jastrebarsko Croatia,


300 Eur, accommodation and all meals included