Inner Landscape Expedition 4th – 9th March 2019 on Cyprus


This is 6-day expedition into the inner landscape of our soul through Holotropic Breathwork
4th - 9th March 2019
Aphrodite Beach Hotel, Cyprus
... and complementary meditative and contemplative techniques with guidance and navigation by enlarged map of the psyche from founder of Transpersonal Psychology Stanislav Grof, experienced and professionally trained facilitators, and primarily own inner healing wisdom as a captain. 
We invite you on a journey through the hills and valleys of our soul.  Maybe you’ll walk down the memory lane of your childhood and ancestors, or visit the womb that you came from, maybe you’ll drink from the spring of creativity, meet with the divine, or heal some deep wound. We’ll rediscover the ancient treasure we already have for ages as a natural gift.
We'll be supported by a special energy of the land that was home of ancient Gods. We can enjoy the elements of the nature, the sea and the coast, common with familiar atmosphere of the hotel with friendly staff and well tuned atmosphere for spiritual opening.
Ideal place for disconnecting the matrix and turn the attention into the inner healing wisdom.

  • 2+2 Holotropic Breathwork sessions
  • Complementary meditative and contemplative program
  • Integrative program
  • Self-care and enjoying the seaside
  • Professional facilitating
  • Aphrodite Beach Hotel
  • Double or single room
  • Full board
  • Permanent private fresh bar
  • Standard, vegetarian or vegan meals


Irena Antolic
Magdalena Simeckova
Pavel Sevcik

+385 91 6543 201  Irena
+420 603 427 545  Pavel 

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About the team

The expedition will be led by Irena Antolic, Magdalena Simeckova, Pavel Sevcik and other facilitators according to the size of the group.

Irena Antolic

Throughout all of her professional life, Irena has been involved in human development, personal growth and transformation; both in the organizational context and personal therapy work. Her main field of interest is Transpersonal Psychology and work in holotropic (enhanced) states of consciousness. As a certified GTT facilitator, she is passionately involved in Holotropic Breathwork™ , and is one of the organizers of Grof Transpersonal Training in Europe (GTT). Based on a personal experience of healing her own deepest wounds, as well as witnessing deep transformation and healing in other people, she recognizes Holotropic Breathwork™ as the deepest and the most complete method of transformation that she knows of. She works with clients all over Europe. When she doesn’t travel, she lives in Zagreb, Croatia.

Magdalena Simeckova

Since I first experienced Holotropic Breathwork in 1999 holotropic approach has become integral part of my personal and professional life. I became certified Holotropic Breathwork practitioner in 2011 and I co-organise training  modules in Czech Republic with Grof Transpersonal Training. Yet animals, especially dogs, are another passion of my life. By bringing mind, body and the soul in alignment, incorporating holotropic mindset I build a bridge between human and animal worlds, as I run dog training centre focusing on nonviolent, compassionate dog training and canine and  human communication. As I experienced or/and became trained in native american tradition, shamanic journey, body oriented psychotherapy, dance and meditation, my heart and passion still stays with the breathwork.

Pavel Sevcik

The holotropic perspective is my big passion. I’ve spent years on a holotropic journey from the 90′, especially with Holotropic Breathwork. In 2015 I attended Grof Transpersonal Training program for professionally trained facilitators. In the past years I have met holotropic states of consciousness through various techniques and traditions, so I had the opportunity to compare and confirm the experiences. I have seen the red line going through various cultures and traditions. I can say the Holotropic Breathwork is rediscovered essence of ancient knowledge, reformulated for this age. My experiences led me to more truthful living of my live, with more love and passion. I wish the same to other people.

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GTT Staff


Irena Antolic

Facilitator and Organiser

Irena was born and lives in Croatia. Throughout all of her professional life, Irena is involved in human development and personal growth and transformation, both in the organizational context and pers...

Magdalena Šimečková

Facilitator and Organiser

Pavel Sevcik

Facilitator and Organiser

The holotropic perspective is my big passion. I’ve spent years on a holotropic journey from the 90′, especially with Holotropic Breathwork. In 2015 I attended Grof Transpersonal Training program for p...

Martin Duris

Facilitator and Organiser

Martin Duris is a movement/dance therapist, cranio-sacral therapist and somatic coach. He graduated in 2010 with a Health & Physical Activity Foundation Degree (FdA) from the Bolton University in the...

Venue Name

Cyprus, Aphrodite Beach Hotel


Aphrodite Beach, Neo Chorio, Cyprus, 8852

Aphrodite Beach, Neo Chorio, Cyprus