Pavel Sevcik


The holotropic perspective is my big passion. I’ve spent years on a holotropic journey from the 90′, especially with Holotropic Breathwork. In 2015 I attended Grof Transpersonal Training program for professionally trained facilitators. I love the Holotropic Breathwork as a rediscovered essence of ancient knowledge, reformulated for this age. In the past 20 years I have met holotropic states of consciousness through various techniques and traditions, so I had a rich opportunity to explore and compare the experiences. I have felt the red line going through various cultures and traditions as well as through my heart. My experiences led me to more truthful living of my live, with more love and passion. I wish the same to other people.

Pavel Sevcik

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Inner Landscape Expedition 4th – 9th March 2019 on Cyprus

2019-03-04 00:00:00

  This is 6-day expedition into the inner landscape of our soul through Holotropic Breathwork   4th - 9th March 2019 Aphrodite Beach Hotel, Cyprus ... and complementary meditative and contemplative techniques with guidance and navigation by enlarged map of the psyche from founder of Transpersonal Psychology Stanislav Grof, experienced and professionally trained facilitators, and primarily own inner healing wisdom as a captain.  We invite you on a journey through the hills and valleys of our soul.  Maybe you’ll walk down the memory lane of your childhood and ancestors, or visit the womb that you came from, maybe you’ll drink from...