Oct 07, 2022

Inhale the Autumn

Weekend seminar of Holotropic Breathwork TM with Dance and Zen meditation


Inka Machackova

Facilitator and Organiser

GTT certified facilitator of holotropic breathwork, female groups facilitator and environmental expert. Inka was born in 1972, grew in Czechoslovakia. Now  lives in a town in the Norhtern B...


Srní potok, Mimoň Czech Republic, 471 24

Srní potok, Mimoň Czech Republic, 471 24


Holotropic Breathwork™ is a self-experiential method of personal development. It is based on shamanic traditions and modern depth and transpersonal psychology. The method is based on a simple breathing technique ​​ in combination with evocative music in a safe and supportive environment.

This arrangement allows us to experience unusual states of consciousness, thanks to which we can gain a deeper understanding of our psyche. We can identify and transform the roots of emotionally challenging situations and psychosomatic problems we face in our daily lives. We come into contact with the transpersonal level of our psyche and with our own inner healing abilities.

Seminar price:

total price of the seminar 3,000 - 4,500 CZK - depending on the possibility of discounts and the choice of accommodation

lecturer's fee - 2500 CZK first-timers, 2000 CZK others,

full-time students, parents on parental leave and the unemployed CZK 1,500

accommodation and food - full vegetarian board for the entire stay - 2000 CZK, ecomony option - attic with own sleeping bag - 1500 CZK

For registration go here: https://en.ekologie-duse-a-sveta.com/events/s-nadechem-do-podzimu

Facilitated by: Jiřina Macháčková , Šárka Hanzlíková, assistance and translation by Blanka Laudová, the integration practicum is accompanied by Jan Blahůšek (see profile below)

Seminar program:


17:00 Preparation for first-timers with our team

18:30 Registration

20:00 Opening circle

21:00 The path of conscious dance


9:00 Holotropic Breathwork I

14:00 Holotropic Breathwork II

21:00 Evening structure


9:00 Integration workshop led by J. Blahůšek - Zen meditation, Qigong and others (details below)

14:00 Sharing circle and more integration tips

16:00 End of the seminar

On Saturday, two breathing processes will take place - once as a breather, once as a so-called sitter, during the seminar there will be ample space for an accompanying program, artetherapeutic expression of experience, sharing and integration of experience.

Breath and music will take us to the experience that awaits us behind the curtain of our ordinary consciousness.

We work in a small group with a maximum of 12 participants.

On Sunday mornings, we include an integration practicum in the seminar

Religionist and disciple of the Czech yogi and healer B. Houser , Mgr. Jan Blahůšek will guide us through his block of meditation and exercise practices, which are recommended as one of the tools for integrating holotropic experiences.

You can look forward to some of the following:

- Zen Conscious Breath Meditation for the natural unification of breath, body and mind

- basic qigong exercises

- dynamic chakra cleansing tala-yukta (Tibetan Kundalini Yoga)

- healing self-massage according to B. Houser

- deep relaxation of Yoganidra waking sleep and inner caressing of the body

- healing mantras with a shamanic drum and rattle (you can add your own instruments).

About the integration practitioner lecturer

M.Sc. Jan Blahůšek

For over 30 years he has been practicing and researching various spiritual directions (yoga, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Christian mysticism, shamanism, depth psychology, etc.).

He studied world spirituality at Charles University in Prague, at St Mary's University in London and with many Czech and foreign teachers, yogis and masters (India, Japan, China).

He underwent many years of training at the yoga school of the world-renowned healer, yogi, Unitarian and pioneer of Czechoslovak alternative medicine Bohumil Houser, and also at the school of the mystic František Drtikol, Evžen Štekl, or their pupils (Jan Žlábek and others).

He practiced Zen and Mahayana Buddhism with the Japanese Shin school master Prof. KT Sato in London, etc. He is close to the ideals of world unitarianism-universalism, a progressive spiritual movement that TGM and his wife Charlotte supported in our country.

He is a member of the Czech Psychedelic Society, where he deals with psychedelic spirituality and mystical experience.

His passion is shamanic drumming, writing, his own songwriting and dancing.