Inka Machackova


Born in 1972, grown in communistic Czechoslovakia behind The Iron Curtain. Now  lives in a town in the Norhtern Bohemia, where if it is not raining, it is snowing or uphill. Became an environmental scientists specialized in groundwater contamination surveys and clean-up, living in long-lerm partnership with her partner, mother of three. Knowing about holotropic breathwork since  early nineties, took her first holotropic breathing event in 2008. It brought profound spiritual and healing experience and led so far to more than eleven years on the path of personal growth and work with enhanced states of consciousness, reached through holotropic breathwork and other psychospiritual approaches both for herself and others.


Facilitation of holotropic breathwork – since 2016

Facilitation of female circles and intuitive dancing groups   - since 2011

Personal work with expanded states of consciousnes since 2008 - holotropic breathwork, meditation, shamanic practices, tantra

Training as a Holotropic Breathwork Practitoner –  2017 certified

Trainings in the systemic therapy – 2013 – 2017

Trainings in Tantra  and female spiritual path/consciousness of Gaia 2010 - 2017

Training in guided meditation/visualisation - 2012

Self-study in Jungian and Depth psychology - 2008 - ongoing

Environmental Science - M.Sc. (1995) and Ph.D. (2010)

Inka Machackova

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Liberec Czech Republic