Holotropic 2 Breathe Weekend - Scotland - Adventures in Expanded States of Consciousness

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Holotropic Double Breathwork Weekend - UK

Join Mark from Caledonian Holotropic and GTT staff Deb Harman, to surf your inner landscape in holotropic states of consciousness. The vehicle is your body – the technology is Holotropic Breathwork® – the fuel is your breath.

This event is GTT approved to complete the virtual module requirement for those on the facilitator training programme. It is also open to anyone not on the training too.

More information can be found here

We look forward to “adventuring” with you.

Mark & Deb


Mark Baugh

Facilitator and Organiser

Born in 1965 my last corporate role was as a Learning and Development Consultant with a high street bank. After working my way through a personal crisis in 2001, I entered into a deep process of he...

Venue Name

Holy Rood House, Thirsk


10 Sowerby Road, Thirsk UK, YO7 1HX

10 Sowerby Rd, Sowerby, Thirsk YO7 1HX