Mark Baugh


My name is Mark, born in 1965. At the beginning of 2002 I hit a big crisis in my life. The years prior, I had learned to hate myself to the point where I was seriously considering ending my life. My life was one big lie and I had to sort it out. I entered therapy and the journey began. I went to some dark and scary places in my mind. I started the process of integrating all the stuff I had split off from myself over the years. The reason I am telling you this is because someone recently said to me, "You can only go as far as your therapist has been". I still go to the dark and scary places in my mind and there are new ones all the time. The difference is that now I find my courage and go there rather than being pushed kicking and screaming. It wasn't really like that but it felt like it at the time. My therapist gave me amongst many other things, the holy grail as far as I was concerned - a template for unconditional love. It took me 3 years to recognise it and integrate it. I carry her in my heart and I give thanks to her.

  In June 2005 I decided it was time to live my life for me rather than running myself ragged trying to please others. I can't tell you the courage I had to find to leave my wife after a loving 20 year relationship and my five year old daughter and give up what everyone thought was a charmed lifestyle. It was also a time when my spiritual awareness kicked in. I started asking the questions; Why am I here?, Who am I?, What is my purpose?, What happens when I die?

In March 2006 I was made redundant (for the 3rd time in my career) from my well paid job with a high street bank and decided to go travelling for a year including India where I developed an interest in Massage. I haven't had a "proper" job since. I attended many personal development and spiritual workshops and retreats and has included training as a couple counsellor with Relate. An unearthing of my values and principles came about. I incorporate many of my discoveries into my work and daily life. I have enjoyed practicing Shivananda Yoga and I meditate on a regular basis and I love cooking vegetarian food.

I either am or have been involved in the Man Kind Project - "Changing the world one man at a time", the Findhorn Foundation, Edward Carpenter Community, Eurofaeries – to name but a few and I have also trained in EFT.

My Holotropic Breathwork journey started in 2009 and I became a certified facilitator in August 2018 – I took the slow road!

Holotropic Breathwork has been an essential tool for me to integrate the many fragmented parts of myself that came about through my conditioning during my earlier years. Through it I found a framework on which I could hang my experience and create a helpful meaning of it. It has helped me find answers to my questions because of the wide cartography it covers. Whilst it doesn't tick all of the boxes for me it is the one approach of the many I have tried that ticks the most boxes!

In 2011 I moved with my partner from London to Scotland to set up a retreat centre – we hope to see you there!

Deep peace to you

Mark _/\_


I hold a Diploma in Remedial Massage and Indian Head Massage with The Midlands School of Massage & Manipulative Therapy where I trained for 2 years.

I am a level 2 reiki/seichem practitioner and was attuned by Master Practitioner, Jacqueline Eagles of Olistica who is 10th in line to Mikao Usui, the founder.

I am a level 2 EFT practitioner and I trained with the EFT Centre in London

I hold a Certificate of Training for Holotropic Breathwork

Mark Baugh

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