Nov 17, 2022

Autumn Pilgrimage to the Depths and Heights of the Soul

A four-day seminar on double Holotropic Breathwork TM, a chance to explore unusual states of consciousness in real depth!


Inka Machackova

Facilitator and Organiser

GTT certified facilitator of holotropic breathwork, female groups facilitator and environmental expert. Inka was born in 1972, grew in Czechoslovakia. Now  lives in a town in the Norhtern B...


Srní potok, Mimoň Czech Republic, 471 24

Srní potok, Mimoň Czech Republic, 471 24


Hollow Breathing™ is a self-experiential method of personal development. It is based on shamanic traditions and modern depth and transpersonal psychology. The method is based on a simple breathing technique ​​ in combination with evocative music in a safe and supportive environment. This arrangement allows us to experience unusual states of consciousness, thanks to which we can gain a deeper understanding of our psyche. We can identify and transform the roots of emotionally challenging situations and psychosomatic problems we face in our daily lives. We come into contact with the transpersonal level of our psyche and with our own inner healing abilities.

The holotropic breathwork seminar will start with a preparatory circle on Thursday evening from 20:00 (first breathing with our team from 18:00), on Friday and Saturday four breathing processes will take place - twice as a breather, twice as a so-called sitter, there will be a wide space for accompanying program, artetherapeutic expression of experience, sharing and integration of experience. We will finish on Sunday between 12:00 – 13:00. Facilitators are available for consultations to support integration even after the end of the seminar.

Breath and music will take us to the experience that awaits us behind the curtain of our ordinary consciousness.

The four-day format of the residential seminar offers space and time to go deeper and integrate the experience. The environment of a peaceful guesthouse in nature offers support in the journey from the outside world to our inner landscapes, to the depths of our soul and beyond. We recommend it to everyone who wants to meet themselves and the holotropic breathing method really intensively.

We work in a small group with a maximum of 12 participants.

Facilitated by: Vladislav Kubíček and Jiřina (Inka) Macháčková

Seminar price:

tuition fee: CZK 3500 beginners with our team, CZK 3250 others, full-time students, parents on parental leave and unemployed CZK 2250

accommodation and food: full vegetarian board for the entire stay CZK 3,000, economy option - attic with own sleeping bag CZK 2,250