Naja Pogačar


Naja was born in Slovenia and holds a degree in English and American studies —specialising in linguistics and translation. Her background includes studies in cognitive science, shamanism and other spiritual and body-movement practices that nourish her soul.

Her inner path has led her to discover Holotropic Breathwork® in 2015 and has throughout the years recognised the immense support Holotropic Breathwork community brought in expanding her own personal healing journey and for enriching her exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness.

She sees the magnitude of self-empowerment when one follows one’s own inner healing wisdom (without any mediators in between), and acknowledges how liberating & therapeutic it is when one gets to express oneself through feeling & the body without judgment in a safe and supportive environment.

She has been working at and offering support in facilitating Holotropic Breathwork® workshops and GTT modules in Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland and the UK.

Otherwise, she enjoys working on production and voiceover projects, communing with nature and animals, exploring the world, sound & music, free-form dancing, learning new languages, holding sharing circles and other activities that support her self-care & integration practice.

Naja Pogačar

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Double Holotropic Breathwork 23.-26th July/during the week (tuesday-friday)/Slovakia

2024-07-23 00:00:00

The Holotropic Breathwork™ as we know it today was being formed by the observations and the research of the healing and transformative potential of altered states of consciousness in the various contexts – in the rituals of the aboriginal cultures, in the practice of the eastern mystics, or in the therapeutic setting with the substances. The HB practice became alive in the times when Stanislav and Christina Grof were searching for the means how to mediate this potential in the current cultural setting. Holotropic Breathwork is the connection of the use of breath, evocative music and the bodywork in the supportive and safe setting. Through the observation of the inner processes in the holotropic breathwork we can expand the consciousness, connect with the inner wisdom, the power within, and expand the map of the inner worlds with the new qualities of cognition. We are offered to see new perspective to the reality and insights into the situations of the daily life. It is the healing process for the individual as well as for the community and the whole social system from within.


Double Holotropic Breathwork in Czechia, October 31st-November 3rd 2024

2024-10-31 00:00:00

PRICE EUR 350.- (Early bird rate) Price includes full-board accommodation.