Monica Bortoluzzi


Monica is a Counselor, Rebirther and Holotropic Breathwork facilitator.

In her practice, she holds individual sessions where she combines counseling with Psychosynthesis, transpersonal psychology, mindfulness and Rebirthing, accompanying people in deep self-exploration and integration.

Monica also facilitates sharing circles, Holotropic Breathwork workshops and group Rebirthing sessions and - in the past - worked as Tutor in a Rebirthing and counseling academy, supporting the students in their learning path.

Monica is passionate about transpersonal psychology, non-dual philosophy, spiritual awakening paths and work in expanded states of consciousness, both for her self-development and to help others. She especially loves the breath-based technologies of the sacred and truly honors the holotropic paradigm and the power of our innate inner healing wisdom.

Her educational background also includes a master in Coaching with neuroscience approach and a university degree in Law. In her previous job, Monica worked as manager in a multinational company for many years.

She is mother of two very lively daughters who are her most lovable and challenging teachers.

Monica Bortoluzzi

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