Josep Vila


Born in 1951 in Sabadell (Barcelona), he pursued a technical career and became a young entrepreneur until his health issues led him to seek a solution that Western medicine seemed unable to provide. This quest brought him into contact with traditional Amazonian medicine and the wisdom of so-called sacred plants, leading not only to his personal healing but also to the discovery of his abilities to assist others as a healer.

Currently, he is fully devoted to working with "master plants," as he likes to call them, with the purpose of awakening the inner teacher within each individual. This work with plants encompasses both healing and knowledge, ultimately guiding individuals to find (and allow to happen) their own path in life.

Spread throughout Spain, there are about a dozen working groups associated with him in a completely free and spontaneous manner, without any formal organization. Periodically, he travels to Ireland and Austria, where he collaborates closely with various working groups. Additionally, every year he makes at least two trips to the Peruvian Amazon, where he connects with the master practitioners of this ancient spiritual tradition, accompanying those who wish to experience working with master plants in their place of origin.

He is certified as a facilitator in Holotropic Breathwork by Dr. Stanislav Grof and specializes in therapies for non-ordinary states of consciousness, addictions, depressive states, and more.

Currently, he works in Spain and parts of Europe, leading personal growth and addiction groups through Amazonian Master Plants.

Josep Vila