Wild gods in you - Wine of Dionysus - 4x holotropic breathing, myth, Encounter, Theater & shape as depth process


Jorg Fuhrmann

Wild gods in you - Wine of Dionysus - 4x holotropic breathing, myth, Encounter, Theater & shape as depth process

The ancient Greek therapy of the soul / psyche - in contrast to the healing of bodily afflictions - did not turn inward and rather still-contemplative, but above all through the expressive expression of what was once "pushed in" or what it was ". too much "has been recorded. Here it was possible to come in contact with the playful-creative expressive, what CG Jung has also called "shadow" (beyond the everyday-I-mask), then the potential contained therein then creatively transformative bring in their own lives.

The interdisciplinary seminar is about finding what our modern soul needs in depth to become whole again. It is a call to turn to the split-off, dark, bizarre and uncontrollable side of life, of our being - yes, of being in itself. This ecstasy god and "primeval shaman" Dionysos reminds us of the savage and the archaic in us and thus also of the fact that we have been culturally domesticated and have forgotten essential facets of our own roots. Dionysos is a reflection of our intellectual preponderance and a reminder of one-sidedness. He asks us to question the corset of norms and values ​​and to be alive in the here and now - like wild gods. This call also sounds to modern psychology and psychotherapy,

We work in this four-day interdisciplinary module with different approaches from the form circle of "Encounter Movement", the "Human Potential Movement" and of Transpersonal Psychology and the shape - body therapy - such as the expression of theater, the authentic movement. , the scream, sound, drums and trance and with 4 meetings in " Holotropic breathing ", of which 2 as breathing and 2 can be seen as a companion.

The seminar will be led by Jörg Fuhrmann (+ assistant).

Book contribution to the "ecstasy therapists Dionysos": " Holistic Medicine III "





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The Glarisegg is a castle between Steckborn and Mammern in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland : Schloss Glarisegg, 8266 Steckborn

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