HB WEEKEND WORKSHOP in RAVNA GORA, CROATIA October 20th - 22th October, 2017

Join us for a weekend of healing and transformation in a wonderful mountain area of Croatia with a team of loving and supporting facilitators, all certified with Grof Transpersonal Training:

Tom Baksa, Sonja Busch, Martina Knapić, Thomas Liska, Tina Meić, Balasz Rakoczi

Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful method for self-exploration and self-healing, using only breath, music and a supportive and safe environment to reach states of consciousness that offer a possibility of better understanding ourselves and the world around us. It was developed by Stan and Christina Grof, who dedicated their lives to healing potentials of expanded states of consciousness. More about Holotropic Breathwork here & Stanislav Grof and his work here.

This workshop might be of interest for you if

You are seeking a more experiential approach to healing, one that goes beyond talk therapy.
You are experiencing a major life crisis and seeking deep wisdom and insights.
You want to release unresolved issues from the past.
You want to understand the emotional roots of a persistent physical / psychosomatic condition.
You want to expand your consciousness and further explore your spiritual path.


Thomas Liska

Facilitator and Organiser

Thomas Liska is GTT Director Austria and together with Sonja Busch founder of the Holotropic Association of Europe with extensive experience working in Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain...

Sonja Busch

Teacher and Facilitator

Sonja is GTT Director Austria and Founder of the European Association for Holotropic Breathwork. She works in private practice as Bowen Body Therapist and Clinical Supervisor. Specialised in...

Tina Meic

Facilitator and Organiser

Tina had a career in the business world when she got introduced to Holotropic breathwork and started the training. Grateful for her own transformation and recognition of inner wisdom, she committ...


Workshop fee: 160 Eur before September 21st ; 200 Eur after Sep 21st

deposit of 60 Eur on registration


Accommodation: 70 Eur (2xfull board, payable directly to the hotel)

Venue Name

Hotel Breza



Travel Information

By car

Hotel Breza 

Stjepana Radića 10, Ravna Gora, Croatia

45.370791, 14.940810

Ravna Gora is easily accessible from Zagreb- Rijeka highway.

By plan:

Closest airports are Rijeka, Zagreb, Trieste and Ljubljana, Split and Pula.