20 -22 March, 2020


Holotropic Breathwork Workshop 20 - 22 March, 2020

We warmly invite everybody who is interested in Holotropic Breathwork™ to Liberec in the Czech Republic. The workshop will include two Holotropic Breathwork sessions for each patricipants - one as a sitter, one as a breather. Holotropic Breathwork™ is an experimental method of self-exploration. It is created from old shamanic traditions and modern depth and transpersonal psychology. The method is based on focusing on a simple breathing-technique in combination with evocative music in a safe environment. This set-up evokes expanded states of consciouness through which we can get a deeper understanding of our psyche. We might face and transform roots of emotional and psychosomatic challenging situations in our daily lives. We can get in contact with the transpersonal level of our psyche and with our own inner-healing capacities.

The workshop starts March 20 at  8 p.m. (firstbreathers 6.p.m.) and ends March 22 2019 at 12 a.m.



Michael Riegler, Inka Machackova    apprenticing Šárka Hanzlíková




3000 CZK/120 EUR firstbreathers (preparation talk), 2.500 CZK /100 EUR standard

Workshop is non.residential, the town centre offer variety of accommodation. There is possibility for budget accommodation in the Laguna venue, for 8 EUR/night in own sleeping bag (limited capacity).

If you are interested in participation, you can register for the workshop here.  If you need more detailed info, please contact somebody of team members: Jiřina Macháčková (cs,en) 00420-774-580-484 Michael Riegler (de,en) 0043-699-1172-8500



Studio Laguna - Šanti
Moskevská 27/14
460 01 Liberec

Czech Republic



Travel Details

Train, Bus

Trains and buses go to train/bus station Liberec. From the central bus station it is 5 minute walk  to the venue, please contact organizers for the transportation details.


Closest airport is Prague


Link to Google maps here


Payment Details

Payment details are part of the application form


Cancellation Policy

Cancelation policy is given on the application form.