We invite circle of those interested in holotropic breathwork to meet at the retreat center Sklenářka in Orlice mountains. Holotropic BreathworkTM is experimental method of self-exploration, emerging from old shamanic traditions and modern deep and transpersonal psychology. The method is based on focusing on breath with use of evocative music, which brings experience of expanded consciousness. The experience of HBTM brings possibility of deeper understanding of individual psyche, experience of self-exploration and healing that involves your whole being from body, mind through pure consciousness, contact with transpersonal levels of human psyche and activation of inner healing capacity of human soul. The seminar will be facilitated by people with GTT certification and assisted by those in GTT training. The HB is especially powerful due to an adequate preparation, a safe environmentand support from the bodily through psychological levels, focused energy release and the thorough integration of the experience.  The seminar starts with the preparatory circle on Friday evening, continues with two sessions of HB on Saturday (one as a sitter, one as a breather), and integration part including possibility of artetherapeutic work and sharing during Saturday evening and Sunday morning.




Lectureship:  2.500 CZK /100 EUR, early bird rate 2000 CZK/80 EUR (registration till 10.4. 2018), registration is valid after an application form filling and payment of a deposit of 1000 CZK/ 40 EUR. Cancelation is possible till 20th of April, the deposit is refundable.

For application and more detailed info contact please by e-mail or phone: Thomas Riegler, schlander@gmx.at (English, Deutch) Jiřina Macháčková, jirina.machackova@seznam.cz, 00420-774-580-484 (Czech, English), or Lenka Ečerová , Lenka.Ecerova@seznam.cz, 774 066 481 (Czech)

Venue Name

Sklenarka Retreat Center, Czech Republic


Sklenarka Retreat Center, Vila Sklenářka 458, Kostelec nad Orlicí, Czech Republic, www.sklenarka.cz

Travel Information

Vila Sklenářka 458
Kostelec nad Orlicí
517 41 (CZ)

How to reach us:

Take the main road nr. 11 (Hradec Králové-Ostrava) . Exit in Kostelec nad Orlici – direction to Chocen. Pass the train station in Kostelec and continue towards Borohradek. At the end of the urban area take a turn to Zdelov and after about 500 m, at the point of a sharp right curve, turn to the left and take a forest road with the „Sklenarka“ sign. After one kilometer you will reach us….

By bus and train: you can easily reach the nearby town Kostelec nad Orlici, which is about 3 kilometers distant from Sklenarka. If you would like to get a lift from Kostelec, please let us know at least with a one day notice and we will come and pick you up. There is a small fee for this.

GPS coordinates: : S 50°10´80.60, V 16°17´03.22