Holotropic Breathwork in Sulzberg - Allgäu - Germany 27th- 29th March 2020

From time immemorial, seekers have used advanced states of consciousness to find answers to life's most existential and meaningful questions.

Holotropic Breathing is a powerful and unique way to experience such exceptional states of consciousness in a safe environment. It is a wonderful way of self-discovery, healing and spiritual growth. Through intensified breathing and evocative music, a changed state of consciousness is reached, which leads you on a journey into your inner being.
The word "holotrop" is derived from the Greek and means "moving to wholeness". Psychiatrist dr. Stanislav Grof developed the method in the early 70s with his wife Christina. It is based on 50 years of clinical therapy experience with advanced states of consciousness, intensive research of modern psychology and consciousness, and study of ancient spiritual wisdom teachings.


Holotropic Breathing (GTT)
Friday evening dinner together followed by an 
introduction and preparation (theory and movement, soul collage). Saturday is our respiratory days with a morning and afternoon respiratory session. Sunday is dedicated to the integration of experience and farewell.

Dr. med. med. Ulrike Grinberg & Dipl.-Psych. Rachel Bongartz


Thu. 13 Sept. 2019 (18:00) to
Sun., 15. Sept. 2019 (about 14:30)
Holotropic breathing: 260 €
Accommodation (full board): 120€
If participation in the workshop is a matter of the heart although you do not have the financial resources, please contact one of us by phone and we will try to find a solution together. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us via email or phone : +49 157 70752701 Fill out the

registration form  and the  medical questionnaire  and send it by e-mail to:

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House on the Sparenberg


Sparenberg 2

87477 Sulzberg