Holotropic Breathwork Day Vienna / Holotropic Breathing Vienna, 2 - 3 August 2019

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Holotropic Breathwork

This 1.5-day Holotropic Breathwork workshop allows for self-healing and self-exploration as well as accessing the roots of emotional and psychosomatic challenges one might face. During this workshop two breathwork sessions (one as a breather and one as a sitter) will allow you in a very safe setting to access expanded states of consciousness, in which your own mind connects with your inner healing and inner transforming power. These healing wisdom guides the experiences to those aspects which carry a charge, and are ready to be processed or integrated. Holotropic Breathwork might be of interest if

  • You are seeking a more experiential approach to healing, one that goes beyond talk therapy.
  • You are experiencing a major life crisis and seeking deep wisdom and insights.
  • You want to release unresolved issues from the past.
  • You want to understand the emotional roots of a persistent physical / psychosomatic condition.
  • You want to expand your consciousness and further explore your spiritual path.


We start on Friday, at 5:30 pm and close on Saturday in the evening around 10 pm.

Friday evening: Opening Circle, getting to know each others, soul collage and introduction to Holotropic Breathwork.

Satruday: two breathing work sessions (one-time "breathing" sessions). Integration wants to happen through artwork, sharing (as much or as little as you like) and body movement. Information on integration and self-care will be given.

The workshop will be in English with translation into English if needed.


Thomas Liska (+43 699 17187915) in advance to exclude any possible contraindications.


Holotropic breathing

From time immemorial, seekers have used advanced states of consciousness to find answers to life's most existential and meaningful questions.

Holotropic Breathing is a powerful and unique way to experience such exceptional states of consciousness in a safe environment. It is a wonderful way of self-discovery, healing and spiritual growth. Through intensified breathing and evocative music, a changed state of consciousness is reached, which leads the human being on a journey into his / her interior.

The word "holotrop" is derived from the Greek and means "moving to wholeness". Psychiatrist dr. Stanislav Grof developed the method in 1970 with his wife Christina. It is based on 50 years of clinical therapy experience with advanced states of consciousness, intensive research of modern psychology and consciousness, and study of ancient spiritual wisdom teachings.

ABLAUF: Während der Sitzung liegt man auf einer Matratze mit geschlossenen Augen. In einem geschützten Rahmen, geführt vom eigenen Atem und getragen von der Musik aktiviert sich der natürliche Prozess der Selbstheilung. Verschiedenste Erfahrungen aus dem biographischen, perinatalen und transpersonalen Bereich können erlebt werden und finden Ausdruck in physischen und emotionalen Empfindungen, energetischen Bewegungen, Visionen etc..

Jede Erfahrung ist einzigartig. Es gibt keine „richtige“ oder „falsche“ Art das holotrope Atmen zu erfahren.


Freitag: Kennenlernen, Einführung ins Holotrope Atmen, Soul Collage, 17:30 – ca. 22:00

Samstag: Atemsitzungen und Integrationsarbeit 9:30 – ca. 22:00 Uhr. 

Die Anzahl der Teilnehmer/innen ist auf 20 Personen beschränkt. Der Workshop wird auf Deutsch mit ggf. englischer Übersetzung gehalten.

All participants agree to be present throughout the workshop (Friday and Saturday); we offer no option for partial participation.


To register, please fill in the following form and medical form. If you have questions, special physical or psychological requirements, please call Thomas Liska (+43 699 17187915) to rule out possible contraindications.


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Workshop costs

€ 220 including dinner, lunch and coffee breaks on Friday and Saturday. (Registration and Payment before the 12th July 2019) Registration after the 12th July 2019 .... € 240, -

It is posible to stay overnight in House Ahom. Costs are 

- € 28, - / person / night in a double room with breakfast (shared bathroom)

- € 17, - / person / night in the seminar room with breakfast. (You need your own sleepimg equipmnet)

For more information on House Ahom see  website House Ahom


Workshop costs

€ 220, - incl. Evening and lunch as well as coffee breaks on Friday and Saturday. (Early bird price until July 12, 2019) After July 12, 2019, the workshop costs € 240, -

For those who come from outside or want to stay overnight, there is the possibility to stay overnight. Accommodation costs amount

- € 28, - / person / night in a double room with breakfast

- € 17, - / person / night in the seminar room with breakfast (sleep equipment must be brought)

For more information here the link to the  seminar house Ahom


Venue name

House Ahom


{% Location%}

House Ahom,

Mühldorfgasse 8a,

3001 Mauerbach, Austria

Payment Details

Holotropic Association
Otto-Probst-Platz 8/1/14
1100 Wien, Austria

IBAN: AT42 1420 0200 1095 2132

Reference Code: HB May + name of participant


Cancellation Policy

The cancellation fee is € 50,- any time you cancel the workshop.

If you cancel the workshop within 15 days before the starting date, the whole workshop amount will not be refunded, but after deducting the € 50,- cancellation fee it could be applied to any other workshop or Module during the following 4 years (with Holotropic Association Austria).

If you cancel the workshop more than 15 days in advance the total amount (minus the 50 Euro cancellation fee) will be refunded.