Holotropic 2 Breathe Weekend - Scotland - Adventures in Expanded States of Consciousness

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Holotropic Breathwork Day - Ireland

Join Celtic Holotropic in the heart of Co. Wexford, Ireland, for a day of adventure, surfing your inner landscape in holotropic states of consciousness. The vehicle is your body - the technology is Holotropic Breathwork™ - the fuel is your breath.

More information can be found here

We look forward to “adventuring” with you.

Kate & Claire


Claire Mathews

Facilitator and Organiser

Claire lives with her husband & four sons in Shanbolard. She is a certified  GTT Holotropic Practitioner, who has co-facilitated at workshops & GTT training modules in Slovenia, Spain & Ireland....

Kate Curtis

Facilitator and Organiser

My name is Kate and I was born in Dublin. 18 years ago I had my first Holotropic experience on a recommendation from a dear friend. I immediately recognized its potential for my healing and decided to...

Venue Name

Danu Lodge Retreat Centre


Clonroe Upper, Gorey Ireland, Y25 F772

Danu Lodge Retreat Centre, Co.Wexford, Ireland Y25 F772