„Exploring the Nature of Reality and Holotropic Breathwork“ with Peter Köllerer 27th October - 1st November 2020

Oct 27, 2020

A workshop led by PETER KÖLLERER  27th October-1st November 2020

Workshop description

In this 6-day retreat we will combine the highly effective self-explorative work in non-ordinary states of consciousness with an in-depth investigation into the nature of reality – and thereby our Self – from a non-dual perspective. 

Using meditations, exercises and conversations as tools of self-inquiry to examine our experience in the present moment we can begin to see that the current materialistic paradigm (the idea that matter is primary, it comes first, and everything else including consciousness must spring from it) cannot stand when tested against immediate experience. By sincerely inquiring into the nature of our sense perceptions, of our thinking and feeling and by directly investigating the „I“ that we have proclaimed ourselves to be for basically our whole lives we start to recognize that the apparent separation between „me, in here“ and „the world, out there“ is not what it seems to be. 

The perfect complement to this exploration will be 4 Holotropic Breathwork sessions (2 as a breather and 2 as a sitter) which are always inspired by a principle that is also the basis of all sincere self-inquiry: allowing our current experience to be as it is. Within the framework of Holotropic Breathwork this proposition of non-interference is described as surrendering to our innate healing intelligence or „Inner Healer“.


For more than 20 years Peter’s passion has been exploring consciousness and the nature of reality or Self. He became a coach and mental trainer in the late ‘90s and discovered non-ordinary states of consciousness at the Monroe Institute in Virginia, where for about 10 years he explored subjects such as guidance, soul retrieval, manifestation, releasing beliefs, remote viewing and first and foremost investigating our essential nature.

Peter sees mindfulness as a life motto and has practised Vipassana and other forms of meditation and spiritual approaches for many years. His teachers include Kurt Tepperwein, Eckhart Tolle, Peter Russell, Adyashanti, Jack Kornfield, Rupert Spira and of course Stanislav Grof. In 2013 Peter became a certified Holotropic Breathwork practitioner and has been facilitating workshops and modules in various countries ever since.

Peter studied Law in Linz, San Diego and Oxford. He is a recording
artist and music producer and also works an office job, taking care of
properties and investments.

We are aware about Covid19 and the module will be adapted accordingly. The breathwork room is around 260 qm, 6 meters high and has a good ventilation system. If you are in doubt or have any specific questions please get in touch personally before the workshop.



Thomas Liska

Facilitator and Organiser

Thomas Liska is GTT Director Austria and together with Sonja Busch founder of the Holotropic Association of Europe with extensive experience working in Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain...

Peter Köllerer


For more than 20 years Peter’s passion has been exploring consciousness and the nature of reality or Self. He became a coach and mental trainer in the late ‘90s and discovered non-ordinary states of c...

Sonja Busch

Facilitator and Organiser

Sonja is GTT Director Austria and Founder of the European Association for Holotropic Breathwork. She works in private practice as Bowen Body Therapist and Clinical Supervisor. Specialised in...


Römerstraße 2,, Zurndorf Austria, 2424

Römerstraße 2,, Zurndorf Austria, 2424

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Coming by train: From Vienna City Center as well as from Bratislava (Bratislava-Petrzalka) there are also a regular train connections to Zurndorf Bahnhof which takes 50 minutes either way. From Zurndorf you need a taxi to get to the hotel.

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Early bird price for the Workshop Exploring the nature of Reality  is € 860,- in a double room and € 960,-in a single room registration and payment before 6th October 2020.

When registering after 6th October 2020 the price is € 960,- in a double room and € 1060,- in a single room.
Please be aware that we only have a very limited number of single rooms available that will be distributed in the order of application! Therefore, we cannot guarantee that we can provide accommodation in a single room for you, but there is a good chance to get one.
The price includes the GTT module with accommodation and full board in Hotel Friedrichshof.

http://www.hotel-friedrichshof.com between 1st and 6th March and two plentiful coffee-tea breaks every day. When registering please state which kind of room you wish and be aware that there is only a limited number of single rooms available.



The cancellation fee is always 100 Euro for a module.

If you cancel the module within 30 days before the course, the amount transferred will not be refunded, but it could be applied to any other workshop or Module during the following 4 years (with Holotropic Association Austria).
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If you need to cancel due to Covid 19 (travel restrictions or positive test) there is no cancellation fee.
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If the organisation should cancel the event due to any reason, the entire amount paid for the cancelled event will be refund to the participants.

Important: The organisation will not take responsibilities for any additional expenses the cancellation may cause to the participant, as for example, travel expenses (flight tickets, car rental, etc.)