Sep 30, 2023

Double Holotropic Breathwork weekend north of Berlin, 30.09. - 03.10.2023 - in english / german

We are offering a residential double holotropic breathwork workshop at Seminarhaus NEU SCHÖNAU 180km from Berlin.

The Workshop starts with a welcome meditation and an introduction to the theory and practice of Holotropic Breathwork, offering a chance for people to ask questions and to get to know each other.

The Breathwork takes place in pairs. When one partner breathes the other will sit and in the next session the roles are reversed. Sessions last approximately three hours. Participants are encouraged to allow whatever is happening to emerge as they breathe deeper and faster. Occasionally energy release work or bodywork is needed to move past a blockage and the facilitators will provide assistance if required.

After each breathing session there is time to capture the experience through mandala drawing. During the group sharing sessions the participants are free to share as much or as little as they wish.

The workshops are set up to create a deep sense of support and safety for participants, which facilitates the exploration of consciousness and deeper levels of awareness.

The workshop offers two breathing session and two sitting sessions per person.

The number of participants are limited.

The workshop will be held in english / german with translation in either direction.

This is a residential workshop, we ask all participants to stay at the Seminarhaus Neu Schönau.

Address: Seminarhaus Neu Schönau

Neu Schönau 3-4

17192 Lansen Schönau


300€ for the workshop

Accommodation and full board is extra:

Single Room + full board: 324 €

Double Room + full board: 261 €

Triple Room + full board: 243 €



Send us an email for Registration. You will get the registration form and the medical form to fill out from us.

Your participation in this workshop is secured as soon as the payment has been received by bank transfer and the registration form and the medical form has been emailed back to:

Certified GTT Facilitators: Cyrus Bruton, Lydia Schamschula & the Holotropic Berlin Team


Lydia Schamschula

Facilitator and Organiser

Lydia is an actress and filmmaker and was always curious to approach the filmmaking as a way to explore the mystery of life. She is deeply committed to work in consciousness and meditation. Many years...


Neu Schönau 3-4, Lansen-Schönau Deutschland, 17192

Neu Schönau 3-4, Lansen-Schönau Deutschland, 17192


Double Breathwork 300€ for the workshop

Accommodation and food is extra 

Single Room + full board: 324€

Double Room + full board: 261€

Triple Room + full board: 243€

The rooms are booked by us, please mail us your choice.

For payment details:

Please contact us on 


If you need to cancel the workshop up to 21 days before the workshop, we will transfer the money back to you. Cancellation within the 21 days before the workshop, we can only refund the money, if we can fill your spot.