Jul 30, 2023

Double Holotropic Breathwork and Zen Meditation with the HB Berlin team at Seminarhof Plockhorst - from 30.07. to 06.08.2023 - english / german

We are offering a residential retreat with Double Holotropic Breathwork followed by Zen Meditation.

The first part of the workshop is from 30.07. to 02.08.2023:

Double Holotropic Breathwork sessions

Each participant will breath twice and be a sitter twice.

The second part of the workshop will be from 03.08. to 06.08.2022:

Zen meditation with Cyrus Bruton

The retreat can be booked as a whole or each aspect by itself.

The number of participants are limited.

The Retreat will be held in english / german with translation in either direction.

REGISTRATION: Send us an email for Registration. You will get the registration form and the medical form to fill out.

Your participation in this workshop is secured as soon as the deposit has been received by bank transfer and the registration form and the medical form has been emailed back to:


Certified GTT (Grof Transpersonal Training) Facilitators:

Cyrus Bruton, Lydia Schamschula & Team


Lydia Schamschula

Facilitator and Organiser

Lydia is an actress and filmmaker and was always curious to approach the filmmaking as a way to explore the mystery of life. She is deeply committed to work in consciousness and meditation. Many years...


Im Deilen 4, Edemissen Germany, 31234

Im Deilen 4, Edemissen Germany, 31234


From 30.07. to 02.08.2023 - Part 1

Double Breathwork 300€ for the workshop

From 03.08. to 06.08.2023 - Part 2

Zen Meditation 150€ for the workshop

Accommodation and full board is extra:

Double Holotropic Breathwork: 204.- €

Zen Meditation: 204.- €

Extra Night, if you attend the full workshop: 68.- €

The rooms are booked by us, please mail us your choice.

For payment details:

Please contact us on holotropicbreathworkberlin@gmail.com 


If you need to cancel the workshop up to 21 days before the workshop, we will transfer the money back to you. Cancellation within the 21 days before the workshop, we can only refund the money, if we can fill your spot.