Breathe with us on the Global Holotropic Breathwork™ Day in Slovenia!

Dear friends,

We are warmly inviting you to join us in Otočec, Slovenia, where the nature is especially beautiful in the first bloom of spring to celebrate Global Holotropic Breathwork Day. On this workshop, we will be joining people all over the planet who gather every year in April to experience Holotropic Breathwork™ together.

The workshop will start on Friday at 8:30 a.m.  and end on Sunday at 2 p.m. There will be four breathwork sessions where each of you will have two experiences as a breather and two as a sitter.

The workshop will be held in Slovenian and Croatian with English translation (if needed).

Come and experience the adventure of self-discovery, transformation and healing in a safe residential setting, supported by warm-hearted human community.

With love,

Irena, Simona, Mojca & Marko


Irena Antolic

Facilitator and Organiser

Irena was born and lives in Croatia. Throughout all of her professional life, Irena is involved in human development and personal growth and transformation, both in the organizational context and pers...

Mojca Studen

Facilitator and Organiser

Mojca's primary education is in physics, but later she switched and was trained in transpersonal and systemic psychotherapy, mindfulness,  hypnotherapy, medical hypnotherapy, Holotropic Brea...

Simona Rakuša

Facilitator and Organiser

I am passionate about breathwork since my first session in 2010 and certified as Holotropic Breathwork facilitator in 2016. I work in the field of coaching, training and facilitation supporting indivi...


Cost of the workshop:

Eearly bird: 250€ (till March 23rd)

Full price: 310€


Accomodation (2 full boards):

Double room preference (2x45€): total 90€

Single room preference (2x60€): total 120€


If you strongly feel that you should take part and your financial situaion is inadequate, please contact us. 

Venue Name

Otočec ob Krki, Grajska cesta 2, 8222 Otočec, Slovenia


Otočec ob Krki, Grajska cesta 2, 8222 Otočec, Slovenia


Travel Information

Otočec ob Krki si conveniently located one hour drive from Ljubljana and Zagreb airports. From Trieste, Italy, there is an 2,5 hour drive and there is a 4 hour drive from Vienna or Budapest.

For any further information or assistance about travels send us an e-mail. We are happy to answer!