Sep 21, 2019

Claire Mathews

Atlantic Coast One Day Holotropic Breathwork

Nora and I invite you to a day of self-exploration and healing through Holotropic Breathwork.

We hold small workshops with space for just 6 participants.

A one day workshop with all snacks, beverages, light lunch & evening meal included.

Registration is at 8.30 AM

Each participant will have one Breathwork session.

We will meet in circle for an introduction to Holotropic Breathwork by 9AM.

The first Breathwork session will be from 10am with a break for lunch at 1pm.

The second Breathwork session will be from 3PM- 6PM 

Evening meal followed by sharing circle and integration /going home talk.

For more information please contact:

Nora McDonnell

Claire Mathews



Nora McDonnell

Claire Mathews



Euros 100



Shanbolard Cottage


Travel Details

We are a 15 minute drive from Clifden.

There are bus services from both Dublin-Galway......Galway -Clifden with:


Payment Details

Paypal & Cash 

Paypal clairemathews


Cancellation Policy

Please try to let us know if you are unable to come at least a week before the workshop. Thank you.