Oct 21, 2021

Double Holotropic Breathwork Workshop with Optional KAMBÔ CIRCLE, October 21 - 24 2021

Four day retreat with holotropic breathwork and optional kambo ceremony in the Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic


Michael Riegler

Facilitator and Organiser

Michael Riegler is Holotropic Breathwork® facilitator and IAKP certified Kambo Practitioner.He lives with his family at the southern border of Vienna.25 years ago he started to train in systemi...

Inka Machackova

Facilitator and Organiser

GTT certified facilitator of holotropic breathwork, female groups facilitator and environmental expert. Inka was born in 1972, grown in Czechoslovakia behind the Iron Curtain. Now  lives in...


Paradise under Ralsko

Srní potok, Mimoň Czech Republic, 471 24

Event details

We offer to take part in the ceremony with Amazon medicine kambô as preparation for the holotropic breathwork

The holotropic breathwork seminar will begin with a preparatory circle on Thursday evening from 20:00, on Friday and Saturday there will be four breathing processes - twice as actively breathing, twice as so-called sitting, there will be a wide space for the accompanying program, art therapy expression of experience, sharing and integration of experience. On Sunday we will end between 12:00 - 13:00. 

The four-day seminar format offers space and time for a deep journey and integration of experience. The environment of the family hotel in rural style at a quiet place in a beautiful natural environment, offers support in the journey from the outside world to our inner landscapes, to the depths of our soul and beyond. We recommend to all who want to meet with themselves and the method of Holotropic Breathwork® really intensively.