Music for Breathwork

A resource for music used in Holotropic Breathwork™ sessions

The Music for Breathwork website is now online and available for anyone seeking to find music suitable for use in a Holotropic Breathwork™ sessions. Music is tagged according to it's intended positioning in a set (eg first, second or third hour) or by the character of the music (sad, emotional, breakthrough, uplifting) or by the type of instrument used. It's a great way to explore new music and perhaps revisit some old favorites. 

The site itself is still in a state of development and new features and of course, more music will be added to the catalog as time goes on. Music for Breathwork uses Spotify to stream music from the catalog so for current Spotify members you can hear any of the music from the catalog ad-free or for people with a free account are able to stream any song from the catalog occasionally interrupted by advertisements.