Vladimir Emelianenko


Vladimir graduated from Rostov-on-Don Medical University in 1994, having specialized in psychiatry and psychotherapy. Beginning in 1994, he worked as a psychiatrist in the in-patient department of the intensive care of psychosis in Rostov Municipal Psychiatric Hospital. He participated in clinical and scientific research of serial killers and social aggression phenomenon. In 2000, he organized and led the South Russian Center of Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychotherapy, where he started to use Holotropic Breathwork in psychotherapy, combined with 12-step programs and traditional Chinese qigong practice. Since 2001, Vladimir teaches transpersonal psychology in the Southern Federal University (SFU) and takes part in scientific research projects on Holotropic Breathwork. He was certified by GTT in 2009, and is leading numerous workshops in different parts of Russia. He has also worked on staff at international GTT events in Ukraine, Israel, and China. Since 2012, together with his partner Alexandra Emelianenko, he became co-organizer of the Grof Transpersonal Training program in Russia. In his professional life, he combines Holotropic Breathwork with individual psychotherapy and qigong practice.

Vladimir Emelianenko

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