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The Pyramids and the Ravne Healing Tunnels - a Holotropic Breathwork Experience - in Visoko, Bosnia, October 14th-19th 2019

Oct 14, 2019

Past event

It is time. Time to be in our hearts. There is a calling. With energies from "home" where we are all from Do you feel it?


Holotropic Breathwork meets Shamanism/Chamanismo y Respiración Holotrópica, José Vila y Esperanza Lopez, 23rd-28th April 2019, Peace Castle Schlaining, Austria (English, Espanol, Deutsch)

Apr 23, 2019

Past event

This 6-day workshop combines Holotropic Breathwork with shamanic work in a harmonic integrative way allowing for a deep healing experience. In the spirit of doing an “amazon diet” we will experience the intake of Tabacco and Vejuco, a mix of 8 different master plants. The spirit of working with master plants is a ritual context where the focus in on the intention of cleansing, healing and knowledge which fosters an intimate contact with one-self. The work with the plant will support and integrate the expereinces from the breathwork in a very harmonius and gentle way. "FATHER TABACCO" Tabacco is a Master...


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