Valde Orrenmaa


Valde lives in Finland, Kaarina, in little commune with his friends and cats. He started the Holotropic Breathwork training in summer 2016 and got certified in summer 2019. He is organizing regularly Holotropic Breathwork workshops in Finland, as a one of the founders of Holotropic Breathwork Finland.

Valde has masters degree in comparative religion and has been academically and practically interested in non-ordinary states of consciousness, meditation, psychedelics, buddhism and other mystically oriented branches of religions. Lately he has been interested in the connection between music, singing and non-ordinary states of consciousness. Right now he is writing a book about former birth hospital in Turku. He loves meditation, biking in the forest, playing piano and genuine connection with other beings.

Valde Orrenmaa

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Double Holotropic Breathwork -retreat 5.-8.3. in Finland

2020-03-05 00:00:00

This holotropic retreat is held in Tietoisuuden Tila -retreat center in Kemiö-island, surrounded by beautiful nature of archipelago. On Thursday we will let us land soflty to the venue and prepare for the breathing journeys. Both Friday and Saturday there will be two breathing sessions, in which each participants will be breathing and sitting in one session for both days. On Sunday we will focus on integration, how to get the wisdom and insights from journeys to be part of our everyday lives. Accommodation and tasty vegetarian food is included in the workshop, so you can surrender to your inner process with your whole being and devote this long weekend for your well-being. On the evenings there is possibility for sauna and swimming.