Tomek Kwiecinski


Tomek started his work with Holotropic Breathwork in 2010 and become certified in 2015. He is founder of Holotropic Poland, very passionate about combining Holotropic Breathwork with traditional deep psychology tools and life coaching. Also involved in traditional shamanic ceremonies and supporting artists on their way. He leaded, facilitated and was apprentice on workshops in Ireland, England, Slovenia, Spain, Czech, Sweden, USA, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Columbia, Austria, Norway and Netherlands.

In four- year School of Behavioural Psychotherapy. Finished course "Ketamine and Trauma Treatment". Co-works with Ketamine Clinic in Warsaw, facilitating and integrating sessions for people with depression and PTSD.

From 2019 he is a member of Grot Transpersonal Training Staff. He finished training in Transgenerational Therapy School of Anne Schutzenberger. Also he is a consultant of Polish Psychedelic Society, leads lectures and conduct individual sessions of psychedelic integration.

Organising GTT modules in Poland.

As a participant, he spend about 300 days in several workshops - holotropic, coaching, massage therapy, shamanic, tantric, interpersonal trainings, relationships and business. Privately partner and father of 2 children, loves meditation, nature, art and sports.

Tomek Kwiecinski

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THE SPIRITUAL QUEST, ATTACHMENT, AND ADDICTION - GTT Module, 30 June -5 Juli 2024 - led by Paul McCormack

2024-06-30 00:00:00

New ways to look at psychology and spirituality are offering exciting possibilities in the recovery movement, both for individual seekers and for those who work in the treatment field. This module explores a whole continuum, from the idea of addiction as an extreme form of attachment, which affects everyone and which is crucial to spiritual seekers of all practices, to the more articulate forms of addiction: substance, process, relationship, and more. Through theory, discussion and experiential exercises, we’ll look at: The disease paradigm of recovery; The wellness paradigm and the transpersonal recovery centre; Implications of perinatal...


GTT Module "IN THE HEART OF BREATHWORK: A FACILITATOR JOURNEY" - 26th-31st August 2024 in Poland

2024-08-26 00:00:00

Healing and transformation can sometimes imply challenging moments in which we feel destabilized, particularly when following a path that involves experiences in Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness.These moments of crises have been understood as psychosis or psychological regression by some and as opportunities and major breakthroughs by others. Stan and Christina Grof coined the term “Spiritual Emergency” to refer to such states.



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