Tina Helen


My name is Tina Helen and I am a qualified nurse. For several years I worked with seriously ill people. Later, I was employed for several years in the insurance industry. In the meantime, I have taken relevant courses, as well as the first year unit in psychology. I am currently employed at the Special Hospital for Epilepsy in Bærum.

In 2010 I took my first course in Reiki. Courses two and three followed quickly. When I chose to learn reiki, my life took a rapid turn. This magical energy helped me to see myself and my surroundings from a different perspective. I use Reiki daily to balance and harmonize my own energy.

In 2012 I traveled to Ireland where I have been trained in Shamanism. Shamanism in itself has given me great new insights and powerful experiences, while the joy of getting to know people in this environment has been infinitely enriching. It is about sharing with others, enjoying life and its various dimensions and at the same time being aware that we all have our own unique and universal answers within ourselves. Respect and humility towards the individual, nature and the universe are the key words within shamanism.

I am an Advanced Shamanic Practitioner, Shamanic Counselor and Transpersonal Therapist from the Irish Center for Shamanic and Transpersonal Studies.

In the spring of 2014, I started training as a facilitator within Holotropic Breathwork in Spain. Holotropic Breathwork is a method used for inner travel using deep and rapid breathing, powerful trance music and healing work on the body. The education takes several years and requires me to work with myself on a deep level. The ideology behind it is that we humans can hardly help others if we have not looked at and dealt with our own blockages and challenges. I was fully certified in the summer of 2018. I have facilitated during Holotropic Breathwork Workshops in Ireland and Spain, as well as arranged and facilitated in Norway.

I have studied coaching and guidance at Folkeuniversitetet and coach and guide individuals and groups.

Nature and animal protection occupy my attention and I have confidence that deep inner work will contribute to increased awareness among us humans and that this will in the long run benefit our beautiful Mother Earth.

Tina Helen


Rolfstangveien 7A Norway