Sophie Kurzmann


Sophie’s professional development took some turns from working in chemistry to conservation-restoration of leather objects till she finally arrived int the psycho-social sector where she feels most at home now. Currently she is training in Bowen Body Therapy and Counseling, starting to work in private practice. Her field of expertise also encompasses SoulCollage® as well as Bach flower remedies.

With Holotropic Breathwork® she found her calling in 2015, since then this path brought her tremendous healing and growth over the years since then. She is passionate about the safe container, the concept of the inner healing wisdom and the amount of support one can experience in this field. Her training brought her to Spain, Russia, Slovenia, Hungary and Austria.

Otherwise, she enjoys time in nature and with fellow holotropic travelers, constant learning and everything which enriches the soul, body an spirit.

Sophie Kurzmann


Vienna Vienna Austria