Sitara Blasco


Sitara Blasco is a psychologist from Valencia University, Spain, with master studies in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Integrative Psychology. She has done the Claudio Naranjo SAT program (Enneagram). Her background also includes shamanism, meditation, body-oriented techniques, acting, and therapeutic clown.

She began her training in Holotropic Breathwork in 1998 and was certified in 2002. Since then she has been part of Grof Transpersonal Training teaching staff and has facilitated in workshops and trainings in Mexico, Ireland, France, Ukraine, Turkey, Croatia, Austria, Poland, and Spain. Since 2003 she co-organized (with Juanjo Segura) the Spanish GTT program. She works as a psychologist in Alicante. She is particularly interested in teaching facilitating and sitting in expanded states of consciousness under the Holotropic Paradigm.

Sitara Blasco

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