Sitara Blasco


Sitara Blasco is a psychologist from Valencia University, Spain; with master studies in Gestalt Psychotherapy and in Integrative Psychology. She has done Claudio Naranjo SAT program (Enneagram). Her background includes also shamanism, meditation, body-oriented techniques, acting and clown.

She began her training in Holotropic Breathwork in 1998 and certified in 2002. Since then she has been part of Grof Transpersonal Training teaching staff and has facilitated at the trainings in Mexico, Ireland and Spain. She also organizes workshops and lectures in France and Spain. Since 2003 she co-organizes (with Juanjo Segura) the Spanish GTT program. She works as psychologist in Alicante.

Sitara Blasco

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SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY:  embracing unexpected transformation. BY SITARA BLASCO

2019-04-23 00:00:00

Spiritual Emergency: Embracing Unexpected Transformation By Sitara Blasco, with Juanjo Segura, Jean Farrell, Marc Aixalà and Jasmina Hrapovic. Many people go through episodes of crisis of deep meaning that interfere with daily routine and with personal relationships. For some, those changes are progressive and relatively soft, but for others they can be dramatic and make every day functioning difficult. Some of these crises could involve radical transformations and represent a challenge both for the person who lives them and for those who witness the process. Stan and Christina Grof coined the term “Spiritual Emergency” to allude to crises that carry a...


THE HOLOTROPIC PARADIGM: The Psyche, The Inner Healer & Moving Toward Wholeness. BY SITARA BLASCO.

2019-08-19 00:00:00

The Holotropic Paradigm: The Psyche, The Inner Healer & Moving Toward Wholeness By Sitara Blasco, with Juanjo Segura, Jean Farrell, Marc Aixalà and Jasmina Hrapovic   This module offers an exciting exploration of the philosophy, principles, and strategies underlying the experience and practice of Holotropic Breathwork. Topics included in the module: Origin of Holotropic Breathwork. Holotropic Principles and strategy. The power of the Inner Healer and moving toward wholeness. The Holotropic Lineage in the context of the history of psychology. Presence: the discipline required to become an effective Holotropic Breathwork practitioner. Intervention during the session and closure. During the module,...



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