Sally Jane Hayward Young


I started my professional life in film & television production. Over the years I felt drawn to working with people in a different way. As a result I started working in a Psychiatric Hospital and trained as a psychotherapist.

In about 2016, in need of some CPD hours, Neil & I were drawn to a conference day in London. Here we met Dr Tim Read whose presentation explained Holotropic Breathwork. We went on to try it. We loved it. We found it life changing.

We became passionate about it and started the training.
Since then we have taken on HolotropicUK from Holly & Deb, the founders, since following their decision to stepback.

We are excited to be able to continue providing Holotropic Breathwork in the UK, from our home in the New Forest. We hope that you will come and continue your journey, or start it, with us.

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Sally Jane Hayward Young

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