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After benefiting considerably myself from Holotropic Breathwork, I entered the GTT training in the United States and certified as a Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator in California in 1996. My partner Kenneth certified with GTT in 1997 in Norway. Starting in 1997 we began to offer regular Holotropic Breathwork workshops at our small center in the village of Steinen in the German Black Forest, located about 30 minutes by S-Bahn outside of Basel Switzerland (the nearest city).

Although we have organized a few large public events, our favorite venue is at our own center, working with small groups in a residential setting with a workshop duration of at least three days, and sometimes four days, and once a year a six day intensive.

In addition to our breathwork events I have a psychotherapy practice (German Heilpraktikerin for Psychotherapy) where I see clients in a therapeutic setting. This makes it simpler for us to work with clients in a therapeutic way, when this is needed.

From the beginning of offering workshops we have included simple meditation practices as a part of the workshop experience. We find that this is an excellent way for participants both to prepare for breathwork and to assist in integration afterward.

Most of our workshops are in the German language, but from time to time we offer an event in which German competence is not required, but instead the main language of the event is English.

We do require than anyone attending an event with us for the first time have a personal conversation with us, either in person, by phone, or Skype, to make sure that the expectations the person has for us and the workshop, and we have for the person, are in balance. For us this is an important part of the workshop process itself, and enables the beginning of the deeper group connections so important for the process.

We have a German internet page which lists our workshop schedule and other basic information, at

We are using the Holotropic Association EU just for our English language events.

To contact us, best is an email to:
breathwork (at) synergeist (dot) net

Petra Sloan

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Holotropic Breathwork and Systemic Constellations

2020-11-08 00:00:00

A six day residential retreat with Holotropic Breathwork and systemic constellations.



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