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GTT Module - MUSIC AND TRANSCENDENCE. 11th-16th Februar 2024

Feb 11, 2024

Past event

6 day-residential workshop (in English) integrating lectures with deep experiential practice of Holotropic Breathwork Grof Transpersonal Training staff Peter Köllerer, Jean Farrell Sonja Busch, Thomas Liska Hotel Friedrichshof ,Austria This course is aimed at persons interested in Transpersonal Psychology. This is one of the four mandatory modules to become an HB certified facilitator.  In this module, we will explore the necessary elements to create a Holotropic Breathwork session.


GTT Module - THE HOLOTROPIC PARADIGM: The Psyche, The Inner Healer & Moving Towards Wholeness. Taught by Sonja Busch & GTT staff - 6th - 11th February 2022

Feb 06, 2022

Past event

Topics included: 1.The power of the Inner Healer and moving toward wholeness.  2.Presence: the disciplines required to become an effective Holotropic Breathwork practitioner.  3.COEX's: How the Inner Healer orchestrates transformation through our experience of the psyche.  4.Exploration of the frontiers of the psyche through Movie Yoga.  5.Sessions stories: valuable teachings from practitioners through their work with breathers. 6.Open forums focusing on every facet of the Holotropic experience. 7.Dance, meditation, music journeys and nature celebration During the course of the six-day workshop, each participant will experience two sessions of HB...


Inner Ethics and the Journey beyond Self - Finding the Power and Beauty of Right Relationship - GTT Module  with Kylea Taylor - 30 June to 5 July 2019, Peace Castle Schlaining

Jun 30, 2019

Past event

“Ethics has to do with the most interesting parts of human life: money (exchange), sex, relationship, self-understanding, power, love, truth, insight, and mysticism. In summary, ethics is about relationship. It is about the inner relationships of our values to action. It is about the interaction between one belief and another, one desire and another, one fear and another. Ethics is about how we view and treat “the other” in our personal and professional communities. Ethics is the process by which we sort out what best creates inner and outer harmony in our lives and in the lives of those we care for.” (Kylea Taylor in The Ethics of Caring) The Ethics of Caring provides a no-blame model based on self-compassion and curiosity that supports a willingness to uncover and own our motivations, share with our peers what we have learned from ethical missteps, and make good choices on behalf of our clients and ourselves.


Holotropic Breathwork Residential Workshop in the Tuněchodský Mill, Czechia, 1st-3rd March 2019

Mar 01, 2019

Past event

This 3-day Holotropic Breathwork weekend workshop allows for self-healing and self-exploration as well as accessing the roots of emotional and psychosomatic challenges one might face. During this weekend workshop, two breathwork sessions (one as a breather and one as a sitter) will allow you, in a very safe setting, to access expanded states of consciousness, in which your own wisdom connects with your inner healing and inner transforming power. This healing wisdom guides the experiences towards those aspects which carry a charge, and are ready to be processed or integrated. Holotropic Breathwork might be of interest if:∙ you are seeking...


Miriam Najmann

Holotropic Breathwork® Association of Europe

Holotropic Breathwork® Association of Europe – a Network of GTT certified Holotropic Breathwork® Practitioners in Europe – is providing information and support for people interested in exploring the healing potentials of Holotropic Breathwork®, as well a platform for exchange and learning for GTT (Grof Transpersonal Training® certified Holotropic Breathwork® Practitioners.


Here you can find “Holotropic Events” all over Europe (incl. Russia and Turkey). You can either look at all events or filter your search by Holotropic Breathwork® Workshops, Grof Transpersonal Training® Modules and others such as lectures and conferences on Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy. Furthermore, you can search events by date, location etc.

Holotropic Breathwork®


Holotropic Breathwork® is a powerful technique for self-healing and self-exploration allowing for greater self-understanding, expansion of self-identity and access to the roots of emotional and psychosomatic challenges one might face. Holotropic Breathwork® comes from the Greek words ‘holos’ (whole) and ‘trepein’ (going to) meaning moving towards wholeness.


GTT is a program for experiencing and studying Holotropic Breathwork® and the transpersonal perspective. It is a two-track program that can be used either to become a certified practitioner or simply to experience this practice in a more in-depth format. It is the best way to spend time with HB co-developer and one of the founders of transpersonal psychology, Stanislav Grof. Although semi-retired, Stan still teaches at some of the six-day training workshops, also called modules.

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