Miriam Mader


Miriam, 31 years old, was born and raised in Munich, Germany. There she studied psychology at the university of Munich and holds a master degree in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. Currently she is working as a psychodynamic therapist at the Heiligenfeld Klinik Germany. She got into contact with holotropic breathwork in 2014 through her work as psychologist and accomplished the Grof Transpersonal Training in 2018. In the last years she participated at Holotropic Breathwork Workshops and Modules in Spain, Austria, Slovakia, Italy and Germany: both as participant and supporting staff. She also is a practitioner and teacher of Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga.

Miriam Mader

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Holotropic Breathwork Residential Workshop in the Tuněchodský Mill, Czechia, 1st-3rd March 2019

2019-03-01 00:00:00

This 3-day Holotropic Breathwork weekend workshop allows for self-healing and self-exploration as well as accessing the roots of emotional and psychosomatic challenges one might face. During this weekend workshop, two breathwork sessions (one as a breather and one as a sitter) will allow you, in a very safe setting, to access expanded states of consciousness, in which your own wisdom connects with your inner healing and inner transforming power. This healing wisdom guides the experiences towards those aspects which carry a charge, and are ready to be processed or integrated. Holotropic Breathwork might be of interest if:∙ you are seeking...