Martina Detelic


Martina lives in Croatia and works as a business and life coach and regularly organises HB workshops as a part of Croatian holotropic team. She is almost certified as Holotropic Breathwork facilitator. Her journey with HB started in 2013. - almost 11 years in different holotropic settings helped her to become aware, to feel, transform and integrate a lot of experiences. It helped her to connect to people on a very deep level and to live life with purpose.

In different settings she is devoted to holding space for people who are ready for their own transformation and growth. She is very grateful to be a part of Holotropic community – she had beautiful experiences working in international teams in Austria and Spain, supporting people from all over the world. Holotropic Breathwork is, for her, one of the most complete, beautiful and powerful methods for self exploration, working with traumas and spiritual growth.

Martina is sociologist and she had worked for several years in media as TV news journalist and news presenter. After that she worked as business educator and trainer.

As a mother of a small child she is so happy to have „transpersonal mindset“ and truly open heart - everything is much easier that way. 😊

Martina Detelic

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