Maja Petrovic Steger


Maja has always been interested in the conditions, both societal and personal, of people seeing the world and coming to act in it in a different way.

As a a social anthropologist (PhD 2006), she has explored these interests through work in the anthropology of time, anthropology of the body, and of the mind and consciousness, as well as in political and medical anthropology. She uses a combination of ethnographic and experimental methods to understand individual and collective bodily and 'imaginal' practices in social contexts requiring, in some sense, fundamental transformation and healing.

Her personal journey with breathwork began in 2015. Having trained experientially in transpersonal and transgenerational therapy and psychology, and in expanded states of consciousness and Holotropic paradigm, Maja became a fully certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator in early 2023.

As a freelance facilitator, she has been working at and offering support in Holotropic Breathwork®️workshops and GTT modules in Slovenia and Austria. Maja looks forward to continuing to explore breathing, and helping others to attend to everything unknown, unconscious, unthinkable and unacknowledged that may be sensed when we attend to our own breath. Her intention to this end is to support the growth and availability of Holotropic Breathwork in Europe and around the world.

Maja Petrovic Steger

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Holotropic Breathwork® Association of Europe

Holotropic Breathwork® Association of Europe – a Network of GTT certified Holotropic Breathwork® Practitioners in Europe – is providing information and support for people interested in exploring the healing potentials of Holotropic Breathwork®, as well a platform for exchange and learning for GTT (Grof Transpersonal Training® certified Holotropic Breathwork® Practitioners.


Here you can find “Holotropic Events” all over Europe (incl. Russia and Turkey). You can either look at all events or filter your search by Holotropic Breathwork® Workshops, Grof Transpersonal Training® Modules and others such as lectures and conferences on Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy. Furthermore, you can search events by date, location etc.

Holotropic Breathwork®


Holotropic Breathwork® is a powerful technique for self-healing and self-exploration allowing for greater self-understanding, expansion of self-identity and access to the roots of emotional and psychosomatic challenges one might face. Holotropic Breathwork® comes from the Greek words ‘holos’ (whole) and ‘trepein’ (going to) meaning moving towards wholeness.


GTT is a program for experiencing and studying Holotropic Breathwork® and the transpersonal perspective. It is a two-track program that can be used either to become a certified practitioner or simply to experience this practice in a more in-depth format. It is the best way to spend time with HB co-developer and one of the founders of transpersonal psychology, Stanislav Grof. Although semi-retired, Stan still teaches at some of the six-day training workshops, also called modules.

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