Lydia Schamschula


Lydia lives with her partner and two amazing dogs in Berlin. She is an actress and filmmaker and was always curious to approach the filmmaking as a way to explore the mystery of life. She is deeply committed to work in consciousness and meditation. Some years ago she found her spiritual guide and a great community with two beautiful cats. Since then she is committed to an ongoing practice on a daily base. For some time now her main focus in meditation practice is on zazen. Furthermore on the path of the inner journey she discovered Yoga, Osho meditation, Avatar, the Hoffman process and Holotropic Breathwork. In 2015 she started her training in Holotropic Breathwork and became certified in Grof Transpersonal training 2017 in the US. Afterwards she started organizing and facilitating together with other certified Facilitators workshops in Berlin. Since her first breathwork session her heart felt drawn to this work and she knew she wants to be fully in service for others.

Lydia Schamschula

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