Kajsa Soderlund


"Through healing ourselves, We are healing Mother Earth and the rest of the Universe".

Holotropic breathwork came in to my life in the mid 90's. I sensed a great need to "breathe more" not really knowing what that meant. When I shared about the need to breathe more with an ex boyfriend of mine, he laughed and said to me "I know exactly what you need". He told me, he had attended workshops in holotropic breathwork for almost a year and how it had helped him. Luckily, there was an upcoming workshop two weeks later and I signed up. 

During that first workshop, I got in touch with a lot of sorrow and pain and cried a lot. In the sharing group after the breathing sessions, I refered to this  as the lake of tears.

I decided to join the Grof Transpersonal Training to become a facilitator in the late 90's and got certified in Taos, New Mexico in August 2001. 

Since my first workshop so many years ago, holotropic breathwork has been a very important and integral part of my life.

I can honestly say that holotropic breathwork has assisted me to save  my life. It has made it possible for me to heal very severe and painful traumas and  has given me the chance to build a new, very strong foundation for me to stand upon.

Thanks to myself and holotropic breathwork, I have been able to take myself back; to reclaim myself.

In my eyes, this is the most beautiful gift one can give oneself.

I feel very passionate about holotropic breathwork. I love the humbleness of this method, and the deep, inner healing wisdom we all have.

The inner and outer transformations which happen from going deep within to heal are profound, powerful and also magical. 

I love being a facilitator since it gives me the chance to give back. 

"Through healing ourselves, We are healing Mother Earth and the rest of the Universe".


I have a degree in Psychology and Sociology from studies at Seattle Central Community College, and Evergreen State College in Olympia, USA (2004-2009). I have a deep passion for equality and justice for all human beings.

Since 2004, I have been self taught in alternative ways to heal oneself using herbs, minerals, vitamins, and other supplements. Thanks to this knowledge and beautiful support from my partner, I was able to heal myself after being diagonsed with a severe disease 2011.

Apart from organizing workshops in holotropic breathwork in Sweden and abroad, I currently work at a home for people with psychological disorders such as asperger, schizophrenia, borderline, psychoses etc.

Kajsa Soderlund

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